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Experience the Bronze Age by casting a sword from molten metal!

Schedule a custom sword casting class!

Want us to come cast molten metal swords with your group? No problem!  And it is simpler than you think—just select a date and find a location that has shade, bathroom access, and electricity. Then round up some friends and we’re on! We have held classes in back yards, parks, summer camps, schools, festivals, and even parking lots.  The total price of the aluminum class is $85 per sword.

Our small group minimum for aluminum is 12 and our maximum is 18. We can also do an all day bronze class for a minimum of 6 people (maximum 10) for $275 per person. There are two ways of paying for a custom class—select a date and location, and we’ll create a private event  for you and your friends to buy tickets (scouts, homeschool groups, Meetup groups, homeroom parties, fundraisers, etc.) See sample class listing here.  Or the organizer can avoid individual ticketing fees by paying outright (birthday parties, corporate team building, etc).

Contact us for more details.   swordcastingguy@gmail.com


Micha Lunt Hooper reviewed Sword Casting Guy — 5 star

Greg brought his magic to Houston for a class right in our front yard. It was simply amazing. The class was a full house (about 18 attendees). The kids ranged from 10 to 18 (not including the dads who jumped in and made swords too!). The kids all learned a great deal of history, got hands on experience with tools, and each walked away with a beautiful metal sword picked and designed by the individual. If you have a driveway (with shade), you are missing out if you don’t have the Sword Casting Guy come to your place. This would make a fantastic team building event, learning opportunity, or just for an activity (as opposed to a thing). We highly recommend it.

Emily New reviewed Sword Casting Guy — 5 star

Today we hosted a sword casting class at my house. I was impressed with Greg and Brian from beginning to end. They had amazing energy and passion for the craft, coupled with a wealth of knowledge. They were great at incorporating students of varying ages and skill levels and giving just enough information without it feeling overwhelmingly like “learning.” The class was informative, creative, and fun!


Stan Gunn reviewed Sword Casting Guy — 5 star
Heather Camp Pantalone reviewed Sword Casting Guy — 5 star



Is the class very hands-on?

Yes!  The class grew out of a desire to make Ancient Civ class more hands on, and so is taught very interactively, with lots of science, history, and art connections being explored. In the 4 hour class, you start by choosing a Bronze Age sword blank that has been precut on a bandsaw. Next, you’ll custonize and finish it using a belt sander. In the second half of class, you’ll get your hands dirty making a sand cast of the wooden original, and then watch as we pour an exact copy of it in molten aluminum!

Is there a minimum age requirement to take the class?

Kids as young as 7 can take the class as long as they have an adult to help them. And you wouldn’t be alone–it is common to have almost as many adults as kids come to experience this amazing process!

How many tickets do I need?

The cost of the class is per sword cast, not per participant, so it depends if mom or dad want to cast their own sword.

I like to do woodworking–can I make a sword ahead of time and bring it to class to cast?

Yes, some of the coolest swords we’ve seen have come along this way. If you want to try this, contact me for dimensions and a few sword design rules of thumb.

Can adults come without a kid?


Is there a video somewhere?

Yes, we were on Austin’s FOX 7 morning show last summer and cast a sword with reporter Tania Ortega. Check it out here.

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