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Experience the Bronze Age by casting a sword from molten metal!

Bronze Sword Casting Class

People often ask if I do bronze classes, and, after some retooling, the answer is yes! Bronze melts at almost 2000° F, so it requires a much hotter foundry and different tools than our aluminum class, but parts of the process is the  same. Over the course of  a 7-8 hour class, you’ll choose a Bronze Age sword design from our collection of masters and make a careful sand cast to be poured in molten bronze. Next, you’ll spend a few hours grinding the swords to a smooth finish using a combination of  grinders, power sanders, and hand sanding. Finally, you’ll choose a hardwood handle and learn to set brass rivets using a hammer and anvil.  Our bronze classes produce high end swords that will hold an honored position in your sword collection. $275 includes all materials. Class size is limited to 10, so grab a friend and strike while the iron is hot.  Classes meet from 7-10 pm Wednesday-Friday during the summer or 9-6pm on Saturday during the winter.  Buy tickets for one of our upcoming classes here.

We were featured on YouTube giant Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Vlog a few months ago, and now we have people flying in from out of state to take our class!  Check out the 12 minute episode to get a preview of our bronze class!

Note: the bronze class involves many more steps and a lot more independent power tool use than the aluminum class. I originally thought of it as an adults-only class, but many teens have taken it with great results, so there is no longer a firm age restriction. This class takes a lot of commitment, but you’ll be amazed at everything you’ve learned!


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For sale

If you’re unable to take a class with us, finished bronze swords are available for purchase on our Etsy site.

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