Ever watched a video about ancient metal working and thought it looked too cool for school? If so, this class is for you! Every third Saturday of the month, classes meet at the Austin Tinkering School on 1122 Airport Road, 78702 to cast real metal swords using technology that goes back to the Bronze Age! During the workshop(9am-12pm), kids use power tools to either shape a piece of wood into a sword of their very own design, or finish a sword that we’ve precut to one of several historic sword designs.  In the second half of class, they get their hands dirty making a sand cast of the wooden original, and then we pour an exact copy of it in molten aluminum! When it is finished, they wrap the handle in leather and take it home!

Watch the Austin Tinkering School website for class listings and signup information. Be warned –classes sell out fast, so you’ll need to be quick! Contact me at swordcastingguy@gmail.com for more information or classes by special arrangement.

*Due to the challenge level of this activity, participants 8 or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will assist them.